Бмв m5 competition 2021 (f90): комплектации и цены, фото

2021 bmw m5 competition review: the world’s fastest honda accord

Stationary Observations

Overall, I always liked how this gen of 5 Series looked on the outside and the M5’s bigger intakes, rear diffuser, and quad exhaust tips (surrounded by carbon on this optioned-out tester) make it even more attractive. Along with the rest of the 5 Series range, the 2021 M5 receives a facelift consisting of a slightly bigger kidney grille, a cleaner-looking front fascia, new headlights and taillights, and a new rear bumper. Opting for the Competition pack over the base M5 makes the grille surrounds, mirror caps, rear lip spoiler, and badges gloss black.

Chris Tsui

Small rant about the color-and-wheel spec of this particular M5 Comp: I’ve written about this before but, in my mind, painting a BMW—any BMW, bright—non-metallic fire engine red (Imola Red II on this one’s spec sheet) just feels… wrong. What’s more, the optional wheels (a standalone $500 add-on) are painted all-black in a way that makes them visually completely disappear underneath the car. My BMW rep also later said that these wheels happen to be the heaviest ones you can get on this car, so, take that for what it’s worth when it comes to its underwhelming, aforementioned driving characteristics.

Moving to the inside, while iDrive 7 is one of the better infotainment systems on the market, it falls short of being perfect. Case in point: Apple CarPlay initially refused to launch no matter how I connected my phone. I tried Bluetooth, USB-A, USB-C, turning the phone off and on again, turning the car off and on again, no cigar. After a reset of the system, however, CarPlay worked fine. 

Chris Tsui

Some other interior-related qualms? The seats are supportively shaped and feature three-stage massage but aren’t anything spectacular when it comes to outright comfort. They also don’t lower quite enough to give you that hunkered-down sports-car-like feel. (Probably because this isn’t an actual sports car, it just accelerates like one.) Rear seats, meanwhile, are adequately spacious for adult occupants in all areas. 

Everything’s surrounded by the car’s own, 5 Series-specific interior (i.e. not the more chiseled-looking one that’s been copy-and-pasted into every BMW, 4 Series-and-lower) that I actually really enjoy. The lines are softer and swoopier, resembling the cabin of the 7 Series more than anything, and it’s just a pleasant place to be. Materials feel upscale, ambient lighting looks cool at night, the optional Bowers & Wilkins Diamond audio system is superb, and the build quality is rock solid. M5-specific cabin additions include standard carbon-look trim and a headliner made of Alcantara. Overall, the M5 feels like an expensive, quality product inside. 

If Looks Could Kill

BMW updated the 5-Series to keep it fresh amongst the competition. Naturally, the new M5 is mirroring the changes with a larger kidney grille, redesigned front and rear bumpers, and slimmer lighting elements. The new M5 is also home to an updated rear diffuser along with M-specific quad tailpipes to distinguish it further from a regular 5-Series.

The M5 Competition has similar design cues, albeit with blacked-out elements including black mirror caps, a subtle black rear spoiler, black chrome exhaust tips, and a darkened grille surround. The new M5 is equipped with 19-inch alloys while the M5 competition makes do with 20-inch wheels.

Peering through those gorgeous alloys are standard M compound brakes with vented discs and blue-painted six-piston calipers. BMW’s M Carbon Ceramic brakes with gold calipers are optional (they are 50 lbs. lighter).

2021 BMW M5 Competition Sedan (European model shown). The on-board Active M Differential can split torque between the left and right rear wheels. Photo: BMW of North America, LLC.


Cars competing for the funds of potential M5 Competition buyers include its eternal rival, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, which is available in sedan or wagon form, as well as Audi’s RS6 Avant and RS7, the former being a wagon and the latter being a «four-door coupe.» The M5, meanwhile, is only made as a sedan, and one that sticks staunchly to the three-box format at that. 

Chris Tsui

Performance-wise, while the Audis and Mercs all make do with 4.0-liter turbocharged V8s, the BMW’s 4.4-liter means slightly greater power and speed. The 603-hp E-Class wagon and 591-horse RS6 both hit 60 mph in the mid-threes while the 617-hp M5 Competition gets there in 3.1. A 620-hp Porsche Panamera Turbo S, however, trumps them all with a run lasting just 2.9 seconds but also comes with a significantly higher price tag.

(And I’ll add that at this price range, a Porsche Taycan or fast Tesla Model S of some sort may also be a compelling proposition if you’re interested in breaking up with gasoline. None of those options will be wanting for speed.) 


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BMW представил новый M5 Competition

Компания BMW опубликовала официальные фотографии и технические характеристики «заряженной» версии седана M5 нового поколения – M5 Competition. 

От стандартного M5 новый седан отличается особой отделкой кузова и интерьера, модернизированной ходовой частью, а также форсированным двигателем. 

Мотор V8 M TwinPower Turbo на новом M5 Competition развивает мощность 625 л. с. при 6000 – 6700 об/мин против ровно шестисот сил у «обычного» M5. Значение максимального крутящего момента, что интересно, осталось неизменным: 750 Нм при 1800 – 5800 об/мин. 

Двигатель «катапультирует» седан с места до «сотни» за 3,3 секунды, а до двух сотен км/ч автомобиль разгоняется за 10,8 с – на 0,3 с быстрее «просто» M5. 

Внешне новый M5 Competition можно отличить от стандартного седана по целому ряду элементов отделки кузова, окрашенных в черный цвет. В этом цвете выполнены: радиаторная решетка и ее обрамление, корпуса наружных зеркал, вентиляционные решетки на передних крыльях, спойлер на крышке багажника, диффузор в заднем бампере, раструбы спортивной выхлопной системы, а также бейдж с логотипом спецсерии на крышке багажника. 

Кузов M5 Competition окрашен в эксклюзивный цвет Frozen Dark Silver metallic; в стандартное оснащение автомобиля входят кованые 20-дюймовые колесные диски серии М особого дизайна в стиле Y-spoke; шины – разноразмерные: 275/35 R20 спереди и 285/35 R20 сзади. 

В «матчасти» нового M5 Competition главным нововведением стало модернизированное шасси: «заряженный» седан получил иные амортизаторы, пружины с увеличенной на 10% жесткостью, задний стабилизатор поперечной устойчивости с бóльшим коэффициентом упругости, новые крепления переднего стабилизатора. 

Подвеска на M5 Competition занижена на 7 мм; на передней оси увеличен развал колес; на задней оси применены шарнирные соединения вместо резиновых, что, по данным производителя, сделало реакции автомобиля более точными. Тот же эффект дало применение более жестких опор двигателя. 

Внутри новый M5 Competition получил спортивные передние кресла, обшитые натуральной кожей Merino Aragon, декоративные вставки из темного алюминия на передней панели, ремни безопасности с логотипами BMW M, коврики со специальной окантовкой и логотипом «М5»; на экране приборной панели при запуске двигателя появляется надпись «М Competition». 

О том, когда новый BMW M5 Competition поступит в продажу и сколько он будет стоить в России, официально пока не объявлено; информация на этот счет будет опубликована в ближайшие дни.

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What’s New?

Now in its seventh generation, the BMW 5 Series is the luxury brand’s mid-size sedan. The go-to choice for the guy or gal who has grown up and out of their junior associate 3 Series but doesn’t have quite enough coin or clout yet to go for the big boss 7. 

The 600-horsepower M5, of course, is the high-performance variant while this 617-hp M5 Competition you see here is the even higher-performing variant of that and, I suspect, the one most people actually get and are interested in, bar the even harder core, limited-run M5 CS. 

Chris Tsui

(By the way, has anyone ever reviewed or even seen a 2021 model year, non-Comp, regular-ass M5 outside of BMW’s online configurator? I’m not even sure that car actually exists.)

Anyhow, the entire 5 Series slate received a facelift this year and, for the M5 Comp, that meant tweaked styling, a bigger 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, Track mode, new shocks, and recalibrated dampers.

The Verdict

The 2021 BMW M5 Competition gets from zero to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. BMW’s super sedan is quite the speed machine, there’s no doubt about it.

Chris Tsui

Behind the wheel, however, y’know what the M5 feels like? It feels like the world’s fastest, nicest, most expensive Honda Accord. And while that may sound like a slight, I mean it in all of the nicest ways as well. I like the Accord. The Accord is a great car. Honda sells tons of ’em. It feels nimble for its size and genre, is comfortable to drive in all situations, and is a dignified-looking, well-built family car for adults. But it’s just not a fun car children lust after and put pictures of on their bedroom walls.

And, in the case of the Accord, that’s fine. It wasn’t made to be that car. The M5, taken at face value, fills that same niche for the upper class. It’s seemingly been built for the mid-level executive to comfortably putter around in serene luxury and, when he or she is up for it, Autobahn-crushing pace. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a car like that, especially when it comes to BMW’s bottom line, but I’m not sure I’d call it an enthusiasts’ car anymore. 

In short, the BMW M5 Competition is a sensationally capable, expertly crafted tool, but a tool nonetheless. Maybe the M5 CS gets it right where the Competition doesn’t, but that’s a test for another day. 

Chris Tsui

Got a question for the author about the M5 Comp? You can reach him here: [email protected]

What Engine Does The 2021 BMW M5 Have?

The 2021 BMW M5 has a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 pumping out 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft. of torque. What’s more impressive is how the engine shoves maximum torque from lower engine speeds, specifically from 1,800 to 5,690 rpm. Meanwhile, the M5 Competition has 617 horsepower while producing the same amount of torque on a broader band, topping out at 5,860 rpm.

Both the M5 and M5 Competition employ an eight-speed M Steptronic automatic gearbox with three gear modes: Efficient, Sport, and Track. Power is transferred to all four wheels courtesy of BMW’s M xDrive AWD system, which, too, has its own set of driving modes: 4WD, 4WD Sport, and 2WD. Yes, the new BMW M5’s AWD system allows the driver to disconnect the front axle to enjoy some tire-burning, license-revoking, tail-happy driving action.

2021 BMW M5 Competition Sedan under the hood. The engine features two-turbochargers, cross-bank exhaust manifolds, direct injection, and upgraded cooling and oil supply systems. The cross-bank exhaust manifolds improve turbocharger and throttle response by reducing the distance the exhaust gases need to flow to reach the turbochargers. Water-to-air intercooling helps reduce the temperature of the incoming air for improved power. Photo: BMW of North America, LLC.

Driving Impressions

Firing up the M5 Competition for the first time, the 4.4-liter V8 started with a raucously, excessively loud roar. Turns out, this was the work of the carbon-tipped M Performance titanium exhaust, a $6,000 optional extra. While highway drone is minimal and the volume is quite appropriate when you consider the pace on-tap, cold morning starts are a dog- and baby-frightening, neighbor-waking event. At speed, the V8 sounds throaty with an aggressive crackle that brings to mind a phlegm-congested dragon. 

Chris Tsui
Chris Tsui

It’s definitely shouty and lets people know you’ve arrived. But the sound of BMW’s V8s have never really been as melodic or evocative as, say, the eight-cylinders associated with names like Shelby, AMG, Ferrari, Hellcat, Jaguar, or even Lexus. Some of those cars are worth having for the sound alone. I just can’t say the same for this M5’s titanium-magnified voice. 

Sound aside, the M5 Comp is—to use a technical term—really fucking fast. Both grip and acceleration are several magnitudes higher than any reasonable person would ever need on the street but steering is precise but not especially more feelsome or engaging as any other regular sedan. The brake pedal feels similarly everyday to the foot but, of course, is connected to a set of M Compound stoppers strong enough to launch its driver through the windshield GTA-style if bolted onto a Miata. 

Chris Tsui

The transmission, an eight-speed torque-converter automatic, is tuned very much with comfortable fluidity in mind rather than seat-bucking drama although initiating launch control is followed by some decently jolty full-throttle upshifts. Manual shifts requested via paddle come quick but aren’t instantaneous. The ride is quite comfortable even in the rough-and-tumble Sport settings. 

It all adds up to a driving experience that, other than the slightly overdone aural theater coming out of the exhaust, feels… ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, the M5 Comp remains objectively capital-F fast and able to do things in corners that are scarcely believable given its size but it never feels thrilled to be there. It’s staid in how it delivers that speed, never gets unhinged or even a little silly. 

Outrunning supercars is, by definition, the M5’s job and this one definitely gets it done. With the keyword here being «job.» Eviscerating a backroad with the M5 rarely feels like an act of fun but rather a purpose-built machine simply going about its duty. It clocks in and then it clocks out. And that’s even when you’re driving fast.

Operated like a sane adult, the way the M5 Comp moves and operates doesn’t feel significantly more special or even different than most other garden-variety family sedans. And, if that’s the case, why not just get a garden-variety family sedan?


В «базе» покупатели получат:

  • Подушки безопасности (6 штук);
  • Проекционный монитор;
  • Премиальную аудиосистему;
  • Навигационную/мультимедийную систему;
  • Двухзонный климат-контроль;
  • Диски R19;
  • Кожаный салон;
  • Обогрев мультируля;
  • Подогрев фронтальных кресел с электрорегулировками;
  • Системы стабилизации, АБС, EBD;
  • Светодиодную оптику и пр.

Кроме стандартной версии, имеется и эксклюзив. Автомобили BMW M5 F90 firstedition  выпускаются ограниченным тиражом (400 экземпляров) и их кузов имеет цвет темно-красный металлик. Комплектация – полный пакет. 

В версии M Special BMW M5 F90 2018 комплектуется дисками R20, оснащается парковочным ассистентом, имеет доводчик дверей, четырехзонный климат контроль, акустику Harman Kardon, смарт ключ и возможность заряжать различные устройства без проводов.

Потребитель может заказать разные опции. Например, получить на BMW M5 F90 пакет Mperformance. С ним у автомобиля будет иной кузовной обвес и другой дизайн интерьера.

В версии BMW M5 F90 Competition Edition мощность авто вырастет до 625 «лошадок». По сравнению с «обычным» М5, он разгоняется до 100/200 км/ч за 3.3/10.8 сек. Система выхлопа – двойные хромированные патрубки. Будет сажевый фильтр. Этот дополнительный элемент снизит выбросы СО2 в природу. Двигатель будет комбинировать с 8-скоростным «автоматом» М Steptronic.

Еще одна комплектация, BMW M5 F90 ramon performance, имеет уже мощь в 790 (!) л.с. такого показателя удалось достичь после переработки силового агрегата. Поэтому разгон спорткара – 2.7 сек. Этот автомобиль может составить серьезную конкуренцию гиперкару Вейрон от Бугатти даже при оснащении стандартными турбинами.

В 2019 г. ожидается версия BMW M5 F90 competitionpackage. У такой машины предполагается 616 л.с., улучшенная подвеска и спортивный М выхлоп. Производство автомобиля планируется начать в июле, а первые поставки начнутся в августе. Можно заказать и BMW M5 F90 black edition.

В конце раздела о цветовой палитре кузова «баварца». Она неограниченная. По желанию покупателя, для BMWM5 F90 цвета могут быть реализованы от других автопроизводителей.

Revised Interior: From Sedan to Spaceship!

Similar to the new 5-Series sedan, the 2021 BMW M5 is home to a fresh set of larger touchscreens. Coupled with BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional powered by iDrive 7, the M5 has two 12.3-inch displays for the instrument console and infotainment system along with standard navigation (which utilizes live traffic data) and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity.

However, the M5 also comes with BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, a feature that our Managing Editor Carl Anthony gleefully describes as taking the 5 Series from sedan to spaceship. How so? The darn thing can adjust the climate control or roll down the windows using voice prompts, for crying out loud!

Without a doubt, the BMW M5 is a hardcore version of a standard 5 Series, but it remains a luxury car to the core. As such, the cabin is resplendent in genuine Merino leather upholstery, Alcantara, and a choice between aluminum-carbon or wood trim.

As expected, the 2021 BMW M5 is brimming with standard luxury features. The list includes ambient lighting, power and heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, four-zone climate control, a rearview camera with park distance control, auto-dimming rearview and side mirrors, a power tailgate, and adaptive LED headlights with automatic high beams.

2021 BMW M5 Competition Sedan interior layout. Photo: BMW of North America, LLC.

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