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Tsukimi Traditions in Japan

Besides observing the moon, what do Japanese people do for Tsukimi?
In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by eating mooncakes and lanterns, but in Japan it is celebrated by making offerings to the Gods in thanks for harvests.

Making Offerings

Tsukimi is strongly associated with the harvest festival in Japan, so people make offerings to the Gods to thank them for the year’s harvest. Likewise for Jyuusan-ya. Tsukimi offerings are usually:

Pampas Grass (ススキ susuki)

Pampas grass is believed to be a talismanic object that can drive away disease and disaster. Japanese pampas grass belongs to the same family as rice, and has for a long time been considered a lucky object that symbolizes rich harvest and prosperity for descendants. It is said that an odd number, such as 3 or 5, is the best number of pampas grass to be displayed for Tsukimi. 

Tsukimi Dumplings (月見団子 tsukimi dango)

Tsukimi dango is the standard food eaten during Tsukimi. On Jyuugo-ya, 15 dangos are offered; on Jyuusan-ya, 13 dangos are offered. Tsukimi dango are made from rice harvested in the fall, which has been ground into powder, and rolled into balls. They are decorated on a wooden stand and arranged to form a pyramid. The round dumplings symbolize the full moon. With the offering of tsukimi dango, thanks for the autumn harvest is offered to Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto and people pray for longevity, good health, and a bountiful harvest in the next year. 

Water or Sake 

In Japan, water and sake are commonly offered to Buddha or at Shinto shrines. As water and sake are often consumed during celebrations, it became used as an offering. During Tsukimi, fresh brew of sake (新酒 shinshu) and autumn brew sake are usually offered. 

Autumn Harvests

Tsukimi is a day to celebrate harvest, so autumn harvests are also offered. It is common to offer freshly harvested crops, such as taro, sweet potatoes, soybeans, and chestnuts. Autumn fruits such as persimmons, pears, and grapes are also common offerings. After being used as offerings, they can be eaten so there’s no waste. 

7 Autumnal Flowers (秋の七草 aki no nanakusa)

The 7 autumnal flowers are bush clover, Chinese silvergrass, kudzu, fringed pink, golden lace, thoroughwort, and balloon flower. They make for pretty decoration accents with autumn harvest offerings. 

On Tsukimi, events are held at shrines and temples all over Japan. You can experience the atmosphere of Tsukimi with traditional Japanese instrumental music and lighting of bamboo lanterns. Look up「十五夜祭り」or「十五夜月見会」for details of events in your area. 

The villain quit (MTL)

The ginseng Jing Huo Yu has become a chronological female villain with the same name and different surname as her. The villain’s mother died in childbirth, leaving a little brother waiting to be fed, and her father quickly married another heir to enter the door. The step-sister brought by the stepmother is the heroine of the book. If Huo Yu hadn’t passed it through, then the plot would go like this. She went to the countryside instead of her step-sister and married a scorpion in the countryside. Later, when the educated youth returned to the city, she abandoned her husband and a son and came back to seduce her brother-in-law to steal a man from her step-sister. After doing all the bad things, her father was kicked out of the house and finally jumped into the sea. Ended a lifetime. In order to avenge her step-sister’s family, her brother finally ended up dying early. Her mother, who was difficult to give birth to a younger brother, died of an accident not long after she went to the countryside. Her father lived happily with her stepmother and the older sister and younger brother brought by her stepmother. Huo Yu: «…» She looked at the stepmother of Xiaosan’s superior, and then at the illegitimate brother who was a few years younger than her, backhandedly reporting. You can go to the labor camp yourself. I’m going to change my surname and take my brother to the countryside. Let’s play, I’m going to change my surname and take my brother to the countryside

The female partner just wants to serve (MTL)

Cen Miao opened her eyes, she lost all her memories and became the female matchmaker with a bad hand forever. Because of love and jealousy, but can’t ask for it, the female partner finally received the box of lunch miserably? Sorry, she won’t leave this script. Cen Miao, with perseverance, finally embarked on the path of serving the motherland. Is it not fragrant to serve the country? What kind of love to talk about! Edible guidelines: 1. Some worlds will have CP, and some will not. √ 4. Women’s volleyball Athlete √ 5. Female Diplomat √ Content Tag: Romance of the Times Female Strong Quick Wear and Cool Text Search Keyword: Protagonist: Cen Miao┃Supporting Actor: ┃ Others: The next book is open and pre-collected: I shed blood for the motherland One sentence Introduction: The female partner just wants to serve the country

Almighty, Your Persona Has Collapsed

Meng Fu was 16 years old when the Jiang family came looking for her. They said that she had been mistakenly swapped with someone else since a young age. Before she can react, her body is occupied by the soul of a female journalist from an alternate world for two years.She finally manages to reclaim her body, however…Mother from a wealthy family: «The young master of the Tong family studied abroad, while you dropped out of high school. Although this betrothal is arranged by both families when both of you were young, there is no need to insist on the marriage.»Father: «Xinran is also my daughter. I hope you will get along well with her and learn from her.»Younger brother: «I only have one elder sister, and she is Jiang Xinran.»—Before reclaiming her body, Meng Fu was ranked fourth in the Global Idol girl group program. Unable to fit the whole synopsis here, read the first chapter for the full synopsis.

Sa tobom

Želela bih da te vidim i kad si ljutsmirim,da te u oči gledam i nikome ne dam,da te volim i ljubim i nikada neizgubim,da te držim za ruku i uklonim svakumuku,da mi budeš bliže i da me bol nesustiže,da ti na grudima ležim dok uživamo umalinama svežim,da gledamo tvoj omiljeni šou i bliskostublaži bol,da se budim pored osmeha tvog ipogleda tog,što mi srce zaustavi na tren, je dokazda si voljen.Želela bih da u tvojoj majici provodimnoći,da mi suze brišeš i kažeš da sve ćejednom proći,samo ljubav naša neće moći,da me nosiš i govoriš svima da mevoliš,da mi kosu mrsiš i na lošu reč o menisvima prkosišda mi praviš ukusne i slatke palačinke,a uveče na terasi da pijemo kafu doksviće,da te teram da mi kupiš šećernu vunuplave boje,da mi kažeš jel mi nove farmerke dobrostoje,da mi u kosu staviš cvet, da imam jošnešto tvoje,da to srce što u tebi kuca bude moje,da kada nismo jedno pored drugog,blizinu stvorimo uz pomoć razgovoradugog.

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